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Product line test – Is an over – pressurization test designed to test the integrity of the line. This test is performed annually. Exception to the annual testing is a “Safe” suction line. This is a product line that the “check valve” is located under the pump, not at the tank.

Line Leak Detector test – This test ensure the operation of the leak detector in shutting down the product flow in the event of a leak. Test can be performed on either mechanical or electronic detectors. This test is performed annually.

Sump Sensor testing – This test ensures the operation of the liquid detection sensors located in the dispenser island, sub unit sump, tank interstice. This test is performed annually in some areas.

Tank Tightness test – This test ensures that the storage tank is tight, devoid of any leaks. This test is preformed usually as a requirement due to several different occurrences; insurance regulation, differences in inventory reconciliation, gains in water levels in the tank, or for peace of mind.

At this time: After the initial installation and testing there is no Federal or State regulation on the frequency for tightness testing.

Stage 1 Vapor Recovery test – This test is preformed to ensure the two devices used to recover the gasoline vapors are working correctly.

The single point riser and the pressure vent cap.

At this time: Stage 1 Testing of Vapor Recovery systems is required annually if your location delivers  one million gallons of product per year. Each grade is totaled separately.

Hydro-Static Testing of Fill/ Over-fill sumps/basins – This is a”newly” required test of the overfill sump on your fill pipe. The test is designed to verfy that the sump will contain the amount of product designed to hold. It is required every 3 years.

Varification of Operation of Over-fill Alarm –  This is a “newly” required test to varify the operation of the over-fill alarm. This test is required every 3 years.

3rd Party Certification – R Testing is an independent testing company. We perform simple repairs that will allow for same day re-testing of some tests; vent caps, single point poppets.

3rd Party Monthly Walk Through Inspections – Inspection of all your leak sensors, sumps, overfill protection devices, cathodic protection readings and tank monitoring consoles. Documentation of inspection is given to you and stored electronically at our location as a backup to your records. Inspections are preformed  in accordance with new EPA revisions.


We do not make repairs to sub-units, pumps or dispensers, product lines repairs, sensor replacement or repairs to ATG’s.

We do not perform tank repairs or removals, we are associated with companies that do perform these services and can make a recomendation for you for these services.

We will work with you and your designated service company to insure the repairs are completed and re-testing is completed.